03/13/2018 10:20
thing is over half of my animations were made all by me. also i can draw to good on a CHROMEBOOK mouse pad. im 14. and i dont have anything else to draw with. So guess what. i shouldnt have been demoted. i really dont care. plus i gave FULL CREDIT on ALL of my continued projects in my Sketcher Speed Draw Series. but also SO SOOOORRRRY that i forgot to give credit or ask before i continued. ITS NOT LIKE I DID´T KNOW THAT. PLUS i am fiorgetfull because of my AD/HD. So thx for being unfair and greatly offending me for having a mental illness jerk. #lawsuit #maybe #but #probably #not
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honeybear 03/27/2018 10:47
All you need to do is focus on making your own toons instead of minimally changing popular ones. Please just focus and practice original work and you can work your way up. Just work on that I hope you learn a lesson from all this. Good day
x_Amnesia_x 03/16/2018 15:26
Just put in more effort.
That's all there is to it- no need to get worked up about it.
luna_animates 03/15/2018 16:28
rank:unknow animal
Brigabi89 03/15/2018 09:47
_br0ken, wha? younger 0-0
_br0ken 03/15/2018 09:10
Coconut_TV, either way, having AD/HD is horrible. I hope you're happy where you are and i hope you learn from your lessons and get promoted.
_br0ken 03/15/2018 09:06
Coconut_TV, it's your problem you're impatient. You need to know how to deal with things because i'm passer and apparently i'm younger than you.

We warned you to stop advertising your toons on our toons but you didn't listen. So i guess you're here, demoted.
Coconut_TV 03/13/2018 21:21
I dont care. its hard for me to do during school adn i dont have the pacience to put a lot of time into a frame just to have to redo it many times only changing something slightly. Im impacient
Fallen_Snow 03/13/2018 14:30
I use a mouse pad and I'm 12.

Why are you upset? Saying you use a trackpad isn't an excuse.