~.:(You're overexaggerating the pain...!):.~

09/03/2016 19:50
I may add more in the future, but for now please enjoy what I have right here! If I do make another or continue this, well... I know how hard it'll be to write the lyrics, so... Yay, work... X'D Ah, but I really enjoyed making this! I originally wanted it to be a human, but since I didn't really have the time to animate it right now, I decided to go with a cat, and I'm happy with the results! :D Also, here's the song if you wanna try timing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZm9rFfwZ-w The title is the translation of the lyrics. The song is called Disillusioned. :D Well, hope y'all enjoy! This really took a while to make! Toon on!~<3 @Fluffowuffo
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Fluffowuffo 10/22/2017 21:03
This is old, yet the statement remains true

I a m o v e r e x a g g e r a t i n g t h e p a i n
Fluffowuffo 08/20/2017 16:59
So what would happen if I sent this old thing to contest? X'D
Fluffowuffo 09/03/2016 20:06
turtleturtle 09/03/2016 20:05
Fluffowuffo 09/03/2016 19:58
turtleturtle, Thanks! :D
turtleturtle 09/03/2016 19:53
kewl :D