01/13/2020 02:55
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Fluffowuffo 01/13/2020 03:16
BendyandShaymin, Posted too much in general, or did it also have to do with the quality of the toon (although idk how different it'd be from now since it was apparently relatively recent)?

I believe that posting maybe 3 in a row would be the limit, but that's just what I feel

man :c
BendyandShaymin 01/13/2020 03:05
Fluffowuffo, posted too much
i think i lost it on the 6th of Jan
knew i had it in Dec 10
Fluffowuffo 01/13/2020 03:04
BendyandShaymin, Wait, back? When did u lose it? :c

And I went through that before; it was terrible TwT
BendyandShaymin 01/13/2020 03:03
Fluffowuffo, trying to get it b a c k
Fluffowuffo 01/13/2020 02:59
I honestly thought that u were a passer already oof

Is u aiming for that rank? c: