wings of fire au/oc

01/10/2019 19:34
im still playing around with its desighns and its gender as for its name i think ill call it nightlock but im not sure, any opinions or suggestions for her desighn? did i overdo it?
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Kotsuko 01/17/2019 18:11
canadian-leaf205, Sir, I have the freedom and am authorized to medal all kinds of shittiness-from grade 1 godly shittiness to legendary god-killing shittiness. Therefore, this *shitty* art is considered legally medal-worthy.

and man i have not read wings of fire for a longgg time--only read 'til the lost heir or somewhere a little farther--probably the talons of peace or something?

and also i shipped starflight x sunny, but it seems that didn't work out well, and also tsunami x clay, because you know, lost heirs go together sksk and glory? probably mango, cuz they really match-- xD oh god im so weird
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 17:10
Kotsuko, Also how dare you metall my shitty art!!!!
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 17:10
Kotsuko, shes a highbred, read Takashisenpai18's comment-- shes a leafwing rainwing and nightwing and part silkwing also
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 09:51
Also what dragon is she? Or is she a hybrid or new dragon? (Like Starwing or Brightwing)

Im gonna guess shes a mudwing, rainwing or nightwing, or a hybrid between all or two of them.
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 09:47
Ragnarok ¤ Lumiscent ¤ Firefly/Dragonfly ¤ Aurora ¤ Riverdale ¤ Starfall
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 09:30
canadian-leaf205 01/15/2019 18:07
canadian-leaf205 01/15/2019 18:07
takashisenpai18, thank you Kashi
takashisenpai18 01/14/2019 23:38
the she bean is cute, she leafwing rainwing and nightwing bab
SomeStrangeGirl 01/12/2019 14:12
omgomgomg I luv this sm sdakfsdklgfdkl