wings of fire au/oc

01/10/2019 19:34
im still playing around with its desighns and its gender as for its name i think ill call it nightlock but im not sure, any opinions or suggestions for her desighn? did i overdo it?
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takashisenpai18 01/17/2019 23:48
Kotsuko, there is no such thing at starwing or brightwing yet in wings of fire.
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 18:31
Kotsuko, lol
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 18:31
Kotsuko, i said shipped-- as in used to lol
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 18:30
canadian-leaf205, btw people prove and ship clay x peril, but N O I DONT AGREE ;-; *please ms author, grant my wish of clay x tsunami or i will frickin go dragon crazy*
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 18:29
canadian-leaf205, O☐O N O *coughs* The reason why I ship Clay with Tsunami is because 1) she used to have a crush on him 2) she is the closest dragonet to clay and vice versa 3) they're cliche childhood best friends 4) He's active and handsome--like Tsunami is sportive and pretty/cute 5) Had an alone time with Tsunami when they were escaping the cave as far as i know (that's only one?!) well, at least there's one? 6) they're just perfect--no further questions

Reasons why I don't ship Clay with Glory is because 1) He's weak to Glory's jokes, and Glory doesn't tease him enough to call it love 2) Glory is very lazy, unlike Clay 3) Never had an alone time with Clay 4) Just, no.

(p.s. i read 'til the brightest night)
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 18:13
Kotsuko, I shipped Clay with Glory XDDDD
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 18:11
canadian-leaf205, Sir, I have the freedom and am authorized to medal all kinds of shittiness-from grade 1 godly shittiness to legendary god-killing shittiness. Therefore, this *shitty* art is considered legally medal-worthy.

and man i have not read wings of fire for a longgg time--only read 'til the lost heir or somewhere a little farther--probably the talons of peace or something?

and also i shipped starflight x sunny, but it seems that didn't work out well, and also tsunami x clay, because you know, lost heirs go together sksk and glory? probably mango, cuz they really match-- xD oh god im so weird
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 17:10
Kotsuko, Also how dare you metall my shitty art!!!!
canadian-leaf205 01/17/2019 17:10
Kotsuko, shes a highbred, read Takashisenpai18's comment-- shes a leafwing rainwing and nightwing and part silkwing also
Kotsuko 01/17/2019 09:51
Also what dragon is she? Or is she a hybrid or new dragon? (Like Starwing or Brightwing)

Im gonna guess shes a mudwing, rainwing or nightwing, or a hybrid between all or two of them.