ok lets swing

04/16/2018 16:41



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MopHeadKB 04/17/2018 12:00
VeganRainbow, Holy Macaroons Thank you so much i didn't think of that! this is some very helpfull information!
EndlessStyless 04/16/2018 20:37
VeganRainbow 04/16/2018 19:50
MopHeadKB, u press ctrl c and then make a new frame and then do ctrl v thats how u copy frames (i might not be speaking clear)
pixelchan 04/16/2018 18:11
MopHeadKB, they have a tablet. They normally dont use mouses or pads.
MopHeadKB 04/16/2018 17:03
Man how do you people make these look so good?! I try my best to do animations but they turn out like trash... Do you copy your frames? If So How?? (I really like your other animations by the way, you should do animation as a career!)
_br0ken 04/16/2018 16:42
crap i messed up lol but here it is anyways