Starcraft Stalker

07/01/2018 20:03
A Starcraft 2 Stalker. I enjoy these, and I'm improving. I don't even care if they aren't animated yet, and that I can't rank up yet because of it. That's ok. Because I'm having fun.
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BEVERLY_HILLS 07/13/2018 07:03
-SherlockHolmes-, Yes. very
FG_FatalHydra 07/02/2018 20:57
_Disaster_, Thank you so much, I'll repay you someday.
FlyAway_, Not what I was going for, but I guess it kinda is anyways.
CuriousClaws, coolio.
CuriousClaws 07/02/2018 20:53
_Disaster_ 07/02/2018 20:51
FlyAway_ 07/02/2018 20:48
awe its kinda cutee
FG_FatalHydra 07/02/2018 20:48
So my computer was at 1 percent battery, I checked my page one last time, and saw it had a comment, I checked it. I checked gp. I closed my computer so my computer wouldn't die, then I freaked out.
_Disaster_ 07/02/2018 20:45
I got chu <3
NatCatArtist18 07/02/2018 19:26
Nice sense of self confidence! And I support that. Nice job on the stalker. When i first saw it, i thought it was a lobster claw XD
FG_FatalHydra 07/02/2018 17:31
dude_awesome_445 07/02/2018 17:29
looks great!!