Eek! 0w0

07/10/2018 13:06
that poor little mouse thing XD
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galaxykat 07/10/2018 14:39
ahhhhh I love this sooo much! :D
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 14:34
DrawInTheDark, thank you!!!!
DrawInTheDark 07/10/2018 14:23
this is so smooth! like it looks like u used no copy and paste. this is just so cool. and I agree with EmmaCats your anatomy is so good
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 14:08
EmmaCats, awe thank you <3
NatCatArtist18, oh my XDDDD
_wolves_, oof I dunno, I just visualize how it looks ya know?
EmmaCats 07/10/2018 14:06
Yea Looking At That Draft Of Yours You have To be Super Good At Anatomy :O

NatCatArtist18 07/10/2018 14:05
when u forget u have a kid and they scare the heck outta u XD
_wolves_ 07/10/2018 13:58
how do you anatomy ?! like honestly how
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 13:25
FlyAway_ 07/10/2018 13:13
OMG AHHHHH SO CUTE!!how do u make wings so well??
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 13:11
FG_FatalHydra, thank you^^