Eek! 0w0

07/10/2018 13:06
that poor little mouse thing XD
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Serulii 07/10/2018 18:28
omg the DX face i can't-
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 18:25
EmmaCats, ahhhh
FG_FatalHydra, XDD I’m sorryyy
EmmaCats 07/10/2018 17:43
_Disaster_ Sometimes I do but A lot of the times I just draw it out Like It is :P
FG_FatalHydra 07/10/2018 17:13
awww the way it looks up after being kicked... T-T so sadness... ;-;;;
FG_FatalHydra 07/10/2018 17:12
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 17:05
EmmaCats, actually no I don’t. How u see it is exactly how it was made. It’s weird, I never thought about that until now XD but no, I don’t use guides.
_Drag0ns, thank you!!!!!! AHHH your so kind!!
_Drag0ns 07/10/2018 17:01
OMG DISASTER EVERY TOON U MAKE IS BETTER THEN THE LAST *cri* just look at that movement. I actually said “awe” an laughed when it kicked the mouse thang.
EmmaCats 07/10/2018 15:32
_Disaster_ Do You Start Out With Like A Stickfigure Or Like That Block Body thing
_Disaster_ 07/10/2018 15:20
Particlesatwar, galaxykat, thank you!!! you amazing humans
Particlesatwar 07/10/2018 14:47
galaxykat, This is smooth! I love it!! :OOOOOO