04/13/2020 11:59
it keeps happening


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andrwndt 04/16/2020 13:21
jiggyrogny1009gg, maybe u are a gorilla :o
jiggyrogny1009gg 04/14/2020 16:43
Block_Rain, if sexy ass fucking animations counts as spam, then im a gorilla
SKW 04/14/2020 15:54
I've been mad at you for copying this whole time.
Boy am I an uncultured walnut.
White-owl 04/14/2020 02:17
andrwndt 04/13/2020 14:53
-__-__-__-__-__-, eh iss whatever, its not like they can do anything about it other than complain anyway lol
-__-__-__-__-__- 04/13/2020 14:52
idk their name
-__-__-__-__-__- 04/13/2020 14:52
andrwndt, ikr thats true, plus that @cancerouscans did wayy more toons i think they were tryna get demoted tho? but block had NO say in that part
andrwndt 04/13/2020 14:49
Block_Rain, and it was literally only 5 animations kid, chillllll
andrwndt 04/13/2020 14:49
Block_Rain, imagine being jealous because someone else can make animations fast, smooth, and a hell of a lot better than you. Not saying ur animations suck, saying ur attitude does.
-Human_Person- 04/13/2020 14:18
Block_Rain, they make GOOD animations. it's not spam.