doodle (prev lies)

10/10/2017 16:46
asdfg I know it's almost fall season now, but i wanted to do something spring/summery, just because? Idk, I'm sick now tho. y e a h ✿
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Elle5 10/10/2017 17:51
Sp3ctrum, yeah i didn't know what to do there haha.
Sp3ctrum 10/10/2017 17:48
Just a little critique though

The shoulders don't seem all too natural, and i would've loved some sort of color that was a bit more sharp compared to the softer tones used here, still a amazing piece of artwork though! :D
SlowLauris 10/10/2017 17:48
Elle5 10/10/2017 17:45
Terrible_Fate, *v*'' mmm love you thA NK
Terrible_Fate 10/10/2017 17:44
Elle5, -whispers- Good sh*t, good sh*t right here. Mmmmmmmm-
Elle5 10/10/2017 17:43
BitterMars 10/10/2017 17:26
Wowow, you weren't kidding when you said preview lies.
TKninjas 10/10/2017 17:25
Whoa! The preview glitch is super cool!
mjee01 10/10/2017 17:19
When preview is satan
Squgglez 10/10/2017 17:13