Since no mods here are talking bout it

07/15/2018 03:04
Most people should know by now, there is a dumbass kid going around deleting peoples drafts. I am getting a lot of questions about to so im just going to say it all here. You are safe as long as your draft isnt 'shown in album' , i personally know how to delete toons now too so i can say with all certainty you are safe if u keep it hidden. right now they are downloading peoples toons, i have an idea how they do it so im trying to figure that out too. I cant say anyway to be safe from it because I dont think you can hide from that.


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AnthTanth 08/08/2018 10:02
Bomboscha 07/25/2018 15:54
iAmSketch, perhaps it's no russian, but sure 10-12 years old. It's easy to do.
manson_brianna 07/24/2018 11:31
i found this on my account
manson_brianna 07/24/2018 11:30
peole i think this kid is trying to up thier game yesterday i was hacked
poxem 07/21/2018 23:39
iAmSketch, he/she acts like one
iAmSketch 07/18/2018 06:11
wait. are you sure it's a 10 year old russian?
DapperVoxlyy 07/17/2018 23:19
SwagTomato, yeah you can save them as a gif
stealing and in a way 'uploading' them is different
SwagTomato 07/17/2018 14:48
You can download toons on the phone aparently
DapperVoxlyy 07/16/2018 23:33
Jinxxus, omegalulz6 or something
Bomboscha 07/16/2018 14:45
NatCatArtist18, Now... dumbass Putin's son can hack all the website with help of FSB :D