10/29/2020 12:40
i am not back dumbass lol lol lol ily all nerds


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vangle 06/17/2021 17:09
hey_goongaga 06/17/2021 15:08
vangle, thats ok, i just hope everyones ok :)
vangle 06/17/2021 15:06
hey_goongaga, is ok if i don't really remember/know who you are?-
hey_goongaga 06/17/2021 15:05
vangle, hihi i hope you feel better
vangle 06/17/2021 09:59
hey_goongaga, ig yes
hey_goongaga 06/17/2021 05:24
ohieee are you back?
vangle 06/15/2021 09:50
Epicxz, ok thanks ig
Epicxz 06/15/2021 08:48
vangle, ok nvm actually i do forgive you lol
vangle 06/14/2021 09:40
G_GE, seriusly? a site for art, but the majority in that place aren't toxic, hehe
G_GE 06/13/2021 23:11
What is drawn? Am I missing something here? Google brigs up nothing.