updates about hn!

02/21/2021 13:46
i changed him a LOT throughout the time. just his personality didnt change one bit, just a little shyer lol. wait til i reveal all his new traits in the comments
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mixjestiic 02/24/2021 15:17
B1uMoonGirl 02/24/2021 15:17
youre still a legend, always will be!! I love this also its fun you checked in again!!alskndflksa
_Multi_ 02/21/2021 14:38

I wanna seee

also hii
mixjestiic 02/21/2021 13:54
Zatch, hello !!
Zatch 02/21/2021 13:53
Woah hi
mixjestiic 02/21/2021 13:51
also if ur confused u probably weren't in that time where i was super active on toonator (which was a few years ago)
basically i animated hn a lot and everyone of my toon friends knew him
mixjestiic 02/21/2021 13:49
- i aged him up to 2 years (26 years old)
- he has a whole different outfit!
- sparkles on his hair!!!
- only 4 eyes. bye bye 7 eyes lookin ass
- no longer afraid of heights
- married to storm !!

if ya want i can show the reference, but i should remake it xP still has his new design tho