testing SuperSoldier on EOAM POW

05/10/2019 11:57
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toonimator_101 07/09/2019 12:18
TheMemeistArmy 06/18/2019 11:38
get erkt mate
xBallisticShadow 05/11/2019 06:10
Supa Soldiers ZULUL
League_Fighters 05/10/2019 20:54
League_Fighters, I mean you can't ban people, all you can do is BLOCK them from commenting on your stuff, plus your animations are horrible so why would you be a mod.
League_Fighters 05/10/2019 20:54
reesemonett2-0, Your not a moderator, you can ban people, all you can do is block them from commenting on your stuff.
reesemonett2-0 05/10/2019 19:53
(In the settings silly.)
Ansonlin360 05/10/2019 19:46
then why you archaeologist?
reesemonett2-0 05/10/2019 19:29
Nice im a moderator so i say "Good"
League_Fighters 05/10/2019 17:00
I like how this looks.
TopHStick 05/10/2019 14:44
put less frames as hes punching so make it faster