A very lazy animation

04/01/2018 19:55
Very very lazy, you can tell ~Kotsuko
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Kotsuko 04/01/2018 20:43
strawberrycigars, xD You've just gotta put your SOUL into it >wo
Sketchyx, rlly?? //owo//
strawberrycigars 04/01/2018 20:36
s;klf;lkskfa lazy? this isn't lazy, this would take me forever to do, gOOd joB!11
Sketchyx 04/01/2018 20:23
Kotsuko, ah well this animation isn't lazy to me and it's a really good animation >w<
Kotsuko 04/01/2018 20:21
Sketchyx, >w< ty! But maybe for those who try in their animations, they will see it as lazy. Well, I did do it lazily and didn't put much effort into it, so I guess that's why. There's lots of mistakes too. >w<
Sketchyx 04/01/2018 20:09
This doesn't look lazy. Either that you are an awesome animator and this is called lazy or ... idk