I got my drawing pen back!

02/20/2020 23:02
Now I'll be more active.


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Dragonwolf950 03/08/2020 15:52
Lucky, i draw with a laptop touch-pad
-__-__-__-__-__- 02/26/2020 01:52
Austin_da_fox, i laughed irl! :D
lavacreator5 02/25/2020 15:11
bro you good at this
Austin_da_fox 02/23/2020 02:56
greedynapkin, lmao no problem but this is amazing, also nobody laughed at my stupidity ._.
hmmmWellThen 02/23/2020 01:59
how tho :o
greedynapkin 02/22/2020 16:46
kindkazoo, Serulii, Austin_da_fox, Aw, thank you so much!
kindkazoo 02/22/2020 16:27
your artystyle is amazing, and the way you do effects i have never seen before

good job bro!
Serulii 02/22/2020 16:23
incredible work!!
Austin_da_fox 02/22/2020 11:40
greedynapkin, hahaha you thank me? how dare you! Do you think you can get away with just one medal??? \WRONG! MWHAHHAHAHHAHA!!
greedynapkin 02/22/2020 08:59
AnnikatheLlama, Thank you so much!