Ah, something's weird...

01/22/2019 15:19
His heart is aching and his camera is full. Weird... He hasn't felt this way before... Is he sick? Is he dying? Wait- Soren doesn't want to die yet. At least right now. Ohhh boy... But if he dies, who would feed Himitsu? Wait a minute- Himitsu could feed himself perfectly fine on his own. Ah, maybe Soren is thinking too much. He doesn't know what to do. Aaa- He needs to cool down. Oh no. Hhhh-
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TheNewsDirector 01/22/2019 15:24
lonelycousin, ADD BINCH :GUN:
firehorsegirl 01/22/2019 15:21
lonelycousin 01/22/2019 15:20