I drew vulpix UwU

12/01/2018 10:06


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tigerblink 12/17/2018 02:36
Aylin_M, i
i cant read her mind
budgerigar921 12/17/2018 01:47
my fav litten yay
Aylin_M 12/14/2018 23:57
tigerblink, Wait, did she think I drew all of them?

I thought she knew other ppl knew this, but this was the most recent one so that's why she commented that- ._.
tigerblink 12/14/2018 11:23
WolfHats, she didnt draw all of them
Aylin_M 12/01/2018 11:38
WolfHats 12/01/2018 11:06
Wow, I like the one that says 'Milotic'