Phil the Philosopher, An omnipotent paradox. Ep:2

02/19/2018 22:33
God is omnipotent. This means he has all power. If he has all power, can he create something that he is powerless to? If so, that destroys his omnipotency.
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icanimate 03/20/2018 11:11
I say yes. I think that his omnipotence refers to creating things, and supernatural stuff like that. Not physical things like lifting something. I know this means that he's not totally omnipotent, but I feel like this is a good solution.
zefuro 03/02/2018 08:51
God could do anything unless he gives up his admin role to a rock, then the rock's power of omnipotence could overwrite god's
SWAGHOLDUP 02/20/2018 16:12
no because god would not have the power to create a rock that he can not life but basically i think god can do anything
sugarpacket 02/20/2018 10:53
yes he can , but would he and why
KyraDaPenguin 02/20/2018 01:29
i love this hahaha
Mondnesday 02/19/2018 23:18
u h
Wylieguy 02/19/2018 23:16
*cough* pardon. * Mondnesday
Wylieguy 02/19/2018 23:15
Or do I? @ Mondnesday . See what I did there? OR DIDNT YOU?!?!?!
Mondnesday 02/19/2018 23:15

ehem, im sorry
Wylieguy 02/19/2018 22:40
Course, this isn't a relevant question when it comes to life.