Group// Monsters/mutants

03/28/2018 14:16
So these guys are all free, cuz I really can't see any of you actually wanting one X''D // I just made them for fun cuz I like making weird looking stuff too/ / but ya, if you actually want one, go ahead, first comment gets them// if you can make these into cuties, bless your art skills <3 // But I'll work on the other ones too, don't worry, I just got some stuff to do first-- so feel free to get a good look at these... things.. in the mean time "X) // Oh and Happy hates his mask, and is always trying to take it off, even tho its impossible-- and Snatch has a major fascination with his heart-- that's why they look like that lmao
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Guappy 03/29/2018 11:09
Jazzmary, TwT ahh tysm! <33 sob-- but you can draw them in whatever way you want; fewer details, more details, its all up to you! X'P <3
Jazzmary 03/29/2018 09:25
I'm trying my best to draw your creation :P
Jazzmary 03/29/2018 09:16
Guappy, This isn't a surprise since your art is amazing *_*
Guappy 03/28/2018 21:06
DarrenInAgony, Ah, I think Jazzmary has Guller TwT // I'm pretty sure all of them are taken now, surprisingly lmao X') Sorry! ;; <33
DarrenInAgony 03/28/2018 20:56
did anyone take guller??
Guappy 03/28/2018 20:22
Flare-Aamon, Ah thank you! TwT <3
Flare-Aamon 03/28/2018 19:07
dang, you make amazing ocs.
Guappy 03/28/2018 16:13
IdRops, Ah X''D
IdRops 03/28/2018 16:01
Guappy 03/28/2018 15:12