Hiding the pain.

09/13/2018 19:11
"I can't let them know that I'm hurt their scared enough, they need to feel safe...I'm their leader.. I have to be strong..." -Carl
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midnight-sparky- 10/15/2018 09:31
Insanity606 09/19/2018 11:22
Me on a daily basics
ThatAnimationGuy 09/14/2018 17:56
if only i could like twice
jahvontai123 09/14/2018 14:42
whos the bully bruh
papyrus_is_bae22 09/14/2018 13:42
istg i will shank the bitch that hurt my boi
FG_FatalHydra 09/14/2018 08:32
R e l a t a b l e oh so relatable.
takashisenpai18 09/13/2018 19:12

who did this to this child???

i will hunt them
i will find them
and i will kill them O^O

no i wont jk.
STARMIN 09/13/2018 19:12
Foxsin 09/13/2018 19:12
wot wotowoto dude oml i love this
PicklesWithFruit 09/13/2018 19:11