attempt to run

06/21/2019 06:29
bad legs. Very bad legs
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Atomschutzbunker 07/09/2019 17:44
enzo193, FunixInc, Doominoo, you have to tell me that.
if it seems, then I'm happy.
enzo193 07/09/2019 14:06
ElkHouse 06/25/2019 08:11
(its a episode from TAWOG)
ElkHouse 06/25/2019 08:11
one too many facepalms
FunixInc 06/24/2019 19:13
Is that Anais from The Amazing World Of Gumball?
Atomschutzbunker 06/22/2019 09:33
Doominoo, seem to be?
Doominoo 06/22/2019 07:37
Atomschutzbunker 06/21/2019 20:51
-egg, went to look, thank
-egg 06/21/2019 20:49
cant help to think about anais for TAWOG
i do recommend studying preston blair's "Cartoon animation" book. it contains guides to cartoon animation including run and walk cycles, check it out one day.
Atomschutzbunker 06/21/2019 16:58
SlenderLicky, yes he is. probably
ZRegretz, thank