07/19/2020 01:05
fighting test that turned out okay even though its just 2 moves and not a fight
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hmmmWellThen 08/06/2020 18:34
i like y e s
456nastya 08/05/2020 11:36
K7ng 07/19/2020 15:55
that acko-taco moment when you scratch someone and they totally eat you
EndlessStyless 07/19/2020 03:34
imsomeoneonline, both the characters got no eyes for some...reason...but I will def make a sea :D
imsomeoneonline 07/19/2020 02:47
Amazing art. love how you make the liquid move so smoothly for a sequel I would love if you added eyes and round 2 but overall one of the best animations I've ever seen