02/14/2018 05:04
Todays Feb 14, Valentines Day, yes, and that's exactly why Im announcing: I can't upload it today. I need a bit more time. I am curretnly working on the intro. It's short, no music but I will try it out. I just finished the manga version of the intro (like planning) and the guidelines to it. I am going to animate it and clean it for smoothness so I might upload it on Saturday or around that. MAYBE (cuz i didn't see the busy week coming) I might also post it on Monday, so please I apologize for the SUPER LATE announcement. **ASHFLAME So If its alright with you I planned to do a yaoi/gay ship with my other main OC, Silver. If it's not then tell me. I'll no problem switch you back to normal. This is your human form. (toon)**
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-AshFlame- 02/18/2018 19:29
Kotsuko, Okie
Kotsuko 02/18/2018 17:32
-AshFlame-, hmm.... Ok tomorrow, im kinda busy rn xDD Ill give a detailed explanation of im
-AshFlame- 02/17/2018 13:27
But, also, may I see what Silver looks like?
-AshFlame- 02/17/2018 13:26
I dont mind Ash being shippied with Silver

Ash is super Gay anyways ( :>
Kotsuko 02/17/2018 08:03
Tyes, No, sorry xD
Tyes 02/17/2018 02:41
You have a YouTube channel?Или нет?
Kotsuko 02/14/2018 19:36
turtleman, GASP TY //OWO//
Octomea, xD idk but ok!
turtleman 02/14/2018 05:45
wow! awesome!!!
Octomea 02/14/2018 05:44
Kotsuko 02/14/2018 05:05
This was also super lazy xD