06/25/2017 18:21


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Kittydraw 06/29/2017 09:12
twoodleXanimates, MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!
twoodleXanimates 06/28/2017 21:25
Kittydraw you love your best friend? gay :)
Kittydraw 06/28/2017 18:18
twoodleXanimates, i don't like you woman. i love My bf ty
twoodleXanimates 06/28/2017 16:10
Kittydraw oh look who came crawling back to their so-called 'love of their life'. yeah, yeah. i think we're through, kitty. and actually, (in case you hadn't noticed) i was being sarcastic? and you can't just say "maybe draw something a little bit better" and POW you just improve magically and can draw a replica of mona lisa on a mousepad! and yes, im on mousepad. its actually harder than you think. and this is the first time i have said anything of this sort, im not "craving for likes" and i dont "want attention", im doing this for fun, and fun only! im a jokey, humour-y kind of girl, and i dont "crave" anything other than a good and long, happy life! so just shut your damn trap and go find someone else to "love" who's actually bi.
Kittydraw 06/27/2017 21:01
twoodleXanimates, some people just aren't interested maybe draw something a little bit better and maybe people will care. don't crave for likes and that mess. that'll show you just want attention -.-
twoodleXanimates 06/27/2017 15:21
why does no one like my stuff