My First Animation

11/11/2017 23:33
My first attempt to create an animation on this site. I am not an artist.
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Yanchare 07/09/2018 21:03
I like it
CuriousClaws 07/09/2018 20:49
this is old... ;-; I was gonna say welcome but....
Serulii 07/09/2018 19:58
woahhh ahaha great for a first toon!! :D
NatCatArtist18 07/09/2018 19:44
lol_tm 07/09/2018 18:30
Dodobroking11 07/09/2018 17:41
toon just getting worst and worst
CGDat1Guy 07/09/2018 17:37
Fluffowuffo, i just realized the date of the toon i thought this was recent
Fluffowuffo 07/09/2018 17:35
CGDat1Guy, That's 'cause they joined through Facebook (feature doesn't work anymore)
CGDat1Guy 07/09/2018 17:33
Lol passer already!
_Disaster_ 07/09/2018 17:32
FG_FatalHydra, tbh I don't gp much, and I gped this cuz my dad made it XDDDD and I dunno, I get spooders and save em up, then spend em