top 10 things that tilt british people

08/03/2018 07:26
#10: I would like some tea and krumpets on the trolley with my fish and chips while praying to the queen and sharing my food with prince phillip
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SpiritWolfie 10/18/2018 18:07
My British pride-
SacredZeraora 10/17/2018 14:27
im british >:I
MissHorror123 10/11/2018 17:26
-SherlockHolmes-, Can someone help me to translate that?

Porfavor estoy demasiado confundida

Me voy a morir sin saber que significa :"v

MissHorror123 10/11/2018 17:22
TheHazzinator 10/11/2018 09:55
All of the British people (including me) raging on this toon lol
-SherlockHolmes- 10/11/2018 06:39
Dodobroking11, She is an earwig that married a Gaffer of the land.
She found de wea
-SherlockHolmes- 10/11/2018 06:34
MissHorror123 10/11/2018 06:01
Dodobroking11, stop

Don't, please i beg
Dodobroking11 10/11/2018 06:00
MissHorror123 10/11/2018 05:59
2% Of British People i met spend their time bullyng me with British Slangs

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