meow -W0

05/30/2018 14:53
took three days OWO mostly cus i have two hours a day, so this basically took 6 hours i know im a little fluff for taking this long
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mixjestiic 08/18/2018 07:27
i really love this aaaa
CREAMY 07/13/2018 05:13
wow cool
Eatme10times 06/30/2018 20:45
FG_FatalHydra 06/27/2018 11:47
great job, and keep it up!
Tomodachi_Life 06/22/2018 05:48
manson_brianna, the animation is amazing too
manson_brianna 05/31/2018 17:34
teach me your good ways (of drawing )
Idiocy 05/31/2018 14:09
Aww, that's so kyute! :3
zefuro 05/30/2018 16:43
grow up and become strong... strength helps you break things
Mcflurrydog06 05/30/2018 16:26
_Disaster_, zefuro, Jazzmary, Thanks so much! :3 your support will help me triumph and do better in the future!