Dappou Rock pfp

01/26/2019 05:14
Just wanted to design myself a new profile image. Neru's characters are seriously fun to draw so expect this darling "Datsu-kun" to be featured again soon. All credit to Neru for the character obviously.
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IHaveNoFace 02/03/2019 00:57
Lazarinne, old vocaloid songs will always be the best though. the (2010 - 2015) part
Lazarinne 01/27/2019 02:27
IHaveNoFace, lol I thought I would outgrow it but I just can't. They keep making cool stuff (plus people keep covering the songs)
IHaveNoFace 01/26/2019 22:32
vocaloid... reminds me of my 2015 phase
Lazarinne 01/26/2019 15:16
SlenderLicky, *finger guns back*
SlenderLicky 01/26/2019 15:14
Lazarinne, *gives thumbs up*
Lazarinne 01/26/2019 15:12
SlenderLicky, lol I was just about to thank you thanks man
SlenderLicky 01/26/2019 15:12
dis needs le medals
Lazarinne 01/26/2019 13:21
Omalyzz, So glad to have someone else that gets it. Neru needs more attention I swear.
Omalyzz 01/26/2019 12:59
oh boi, i love neru song's, GREAT JOB!! :'D
Lazarinne 01/26/2019 10:21
SlenderLicky, Times, Kotsuko, Appreciate y'all ^-^