05/14/2019 21:39
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Toasty430, I'm Xared
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Toasty430, LmAo
Toasty430 05/14/2019 21:39
Peppi says “He’s Hungry,” what’s he gonna do.
He eats a piece of pizza and chews, chews, chews.

In squirts saliva and the enzyme amylase,
The starch breaks into sugar before entering the maze

The food is now a bolus, and goes past a flap, trap - door
It’s called the epiglottis, do you want to know some more?

If food goes down the trachea, and travels towards the lungs,
A-gagging and a-coughing, and the choking is undone

The food goes down a tube, in a peristaltic squeeze-
The muscular esophagus - it’s really quite a breeze.

It pops through a sphincter, a muscle and a door,
Continuing digestion, there is more, more, more

The protein in the pizza, falls into gastric juice
Made of HCL and pepsin, they can really now let loose

After 1-4 hours, depending on the food,
The chunky liquid chyse is ready to move

Out the pyloric sphincter, a little at a time,
Into the duodenum, my oh my.

Add some bile for the fat,
Pancreatic juice, it’s ALL that

Through the small intestine, which is really long
Diffusion happens here, it happens all along.

Nutrients are absorbed, in and out of the bends
Water and poo, is left for the end

Water, water, you’ve got to get it back,
The large intestine, takes care of that

Now to the parking lot, the rectum is called,
Out of the anus, and then it falls.

Feces, feces, splash kerplunk!!!!