Not a vent, just a warning.

05/16/2018 00:12
If you call your child names because you're angry, you're not good at raising a mentally stable child. Not all abuse stems from physical abuse or neglect. Sometimes abuse comes verbally, just like how bullies verbally taunt their peers. If you're incapable of raising a child without bullying them instead of suitably disciplining them, you are a bad parent.
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Fluffowuffo 05/19/2018 18:40
I guess I've always had a bad mother then ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
icri 05/17/2018 19:15
I agree...
THEROLEPLAYER_ 05/17/2018 16:27
Preach man,
Yarn_ 05/17/2018 14:14
p r e a c h
_Disaster_ 05/16/2018 20:59
Mystyck 05/16/2018 18:35
Its the same with siblings, calling them names can hurt their self esteem as well
canadian-leaf205 05/16/2018 18:13
Hiatus 05/16/2018 13:46
Oh god thank you. I wish my parents would understand how hurt I am by the things they have said. The things they have said being things I really, really don't want to repeat ^^;;.
I like what you said, and how you said it. You weren't lashing out, and you weren't avoiding the hard truth.
I have had such a shitty day. I've burst out crying a good four times; and to think a little animation with a description could make me feel so pleased!

Unpopular is so so right, by the way :>
Asleep 05/16/2018 11:16
To whoever went through or is going through this kind of abuse, don't ever give up and don't let anyone treat you like nothing because you are worth so much more than you deserve! <3
blubeanie 05/16/2018 09:01