Le Patrick Eats Krabby Patties~

03/26/2017 17:24
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Headless 10/13/2017 16:27
Hihello68__ 10/13/2017 16:23
FidgetFox, i don't
FidgetFox 10/13/2017 16:20
RoseFlame, am i one
FidgetFox 10/13/2017 16:20
Hihello68__, the reason why flamewars start
is because you act cocky and you think you are better than all of us
iliketodab 10/13/2017 16:13
this is a work of art
Hihello68__ 10/13/2017 15:50
i am trying not to get mad
so i stopped commenting here
and u still get mad
lonelycousin 10/13/2017 15:45
Hihello68__, Just because you have an opinion, doesn't always mean you have to share it, fyi,
jojoanims 10/13/2017 15:45
RoseFlame is a good person i feel it in her SOUL.
jojoanims 10/13/2017 15:44
wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow such amaze hrheheheehhe dont block me =0
RoseFlame 10/13/2017 15:23
Hihello68__, Becuz you're opinions tend to trigger others

Come on man you've probably done it a bunch of times you should know there's little kids on this site that get triggered easily