Le Patrick Eats Krabby Patties~

03/26/2017 17:24
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-__-__-__-__-__- 01/13/2021 08:11
SSJ_Emani212, no this is patrick
SSJ_Emani212 01/13/2021 07:04
is this the crusty krab
-__-__-__-__-__- 01/13/2021 06:58
kraftcheese 01/13/2021 06:45
le patrick
sweetluv48 11/19/2017 00:51
jojoanims, you mean 5OUL XD
xPUMPKINxSPICEx 10/13/2017 19:43

Okay, dude.

I get it, you're upset that people judge you and your art get's no attention.
Everyone is upset when their art, that they worked so hard on get's no attention.
But if that upsets you so much that you want to bring others down, then it's probably best for you to stop using Toonator. Everyone on here is full of themselves and only pays attention to the art from people that have been drawing for ages and are well known.

There's no recognition for newbies. And I'm sorry about that. All I can say is to work harder. Not for views, but to grow as a person and make something that you really love. Only draw when you have the inspiration to. Don't draw when you know you're going to be lazy. Move on and create better things.

If no one notices your art, and just be happy that YOU like it. What other people think doesn't matter. Just keep trying to get better for YOURSELF. That is what will help you get friends and likes. Not caring what others think. It will make you happier and make your drawings better. Just keep at it.
xPUMPKINxSPICEx 10/13/2017 19:24
FidgetFox 10/13/2017 16:33
Hihello68__, ah
i remember when i said leave me alone in flamewars
Hihello68__ 10/13/2017 16:32
leave me alone
FidgetFox 10/13/2017 16:28
Hihello68__, you do.
Hihello68__ @ 10/13/2017 14:27
i'v seen better

if i drew some thing **** would i get gp or a medal?
or if i drew some thing humorios

if u don't want this to be in gp
gp some thing else
(like some thing of mine)