This is My First Change of Stick Animating :)

01/08/2020 00:30
Thanks To citsym and illa1122004_en for the inspiration :)
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Strxy 01/13/2020 18:59
first effect is ground shake, then also dark theme where you are just about to attack you make a frame black and the last is dash effect where when you dash you make a circle type thing where it gets bigger then fades away :)
Strxy 01/13/2020 18:57
drumcat 01/13/2020 18:47
Can I have some tips on special effects?
LittleLittle 01/08/2020 17:17
LittleLittle 01/08/2020 17:17
idk if this will help
Strxy 01/08/2020 06:58
got any tips for me to help me on my journey to become a epic stick fighter?
Strxy 01/08/2020 06:58
thanks :)
illa1122004_en 01/08/2020 06:33