it's not a toomah (QUICK FIX)

01/30/2017 20:35
damn i'll be 20 this year. I'M GETTING OLD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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tumor 01/31/2017 14:49
DapperSkelington, send back in time so i can be younger and not have boring adulthood responsibilities and bills
DapperSkelington 01/31/2017 14:46
wow stop being older
Flash5 01/31/2017 06:03
you look good shawty
lonelycousin 01/30/2017 21:05
doublefour, yes papa
doublefour 01/30/2017 21:04
doublefour 01/30/2017 21:02
lonelycousin, Alright, young lady, now you go to your room!
MerpaDerp 01/30/2017 21:01
doublefour, wow
you are now the oldest person on this site...
lonelycousin 01/30/2017 21:01
doublefour 01/30/2017 21:00
lonelycousin, First you should do your home work! Now!!
lonelycousin 01/30/2017 20:58
doublefour, if thats it then can i burrow some money pls pop