04/09/2018 20:06


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SirLser-QietCrpr 05/05/2018 18:22
Looks wonderful!
relationships 04/30/2018 00:06
oh, my.. :,0
very nice)0/
StarsnMilkyways 04/09/2018 21:30
Ken-Flame, thanks, I am more of a drawing person than an animator, I'm sorry, I was trying to use it as a base
StarsnMilkyways 04/09/2018 21:29
IHaveNoFace, is asking permission a new thing? I haven't been on this site for a while,the issue back then is when someone would repost their art/animation as their own, I didn't know, thank you
Sloopy52 04/09/2018 20:29
nice *two thumbs up*
IHaveNoFace 04/09/2018 20:25
this looks nice, but next time ask for permission, if you haven't.
Ken-Flame 04/09/2018 20:22
But besides that, the detail in this is phenomenal and the animation is quite good!
Ken-Flame 04/09/2018 20:14
This is good and all but

Next time you should try going with your own idea instead of using the animation relationships made
Fluffowuffo 04/09/2018 20:09
Cool! :0