Avatar and New OC!!!

10/08/2018 07:36
I hope you like it!!


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Draco-MuffinzJr 11/17/2018 00:50
Rushy, ywww
Rushy 11/16/2018 17:09
Draco-MuffinzJr 11/16/2018 15:08
omggggg ;ooo KOOOOOOTT
Rushy 10/16/2018 06:39
MlXJ3STlC 10/16/2018 06:38
i have no idea why toonator wouldnt let us use continued toons as avatars???
i mean the reason can be that some people just continue someone else's toon with no permission and make no changes on it and put it as their pfp- but there should be an option where we switch an option that lets others use your toon as pfps- for example you want a pfp from someone but you dont want them to get onto your account, so the user will be done with your pfp and and switch it as a pfp-able toon by pressing a button or smth like that, and there you can use it as your pfp when you continue it-

my idea makes no sense but this is just irritating not being able to use your continued toon as a pfp-
i really wanted to use a contest entry i did as a pfp but toon's like "HAHA BI TCH YO U CAN ONLY USE YOUR OWN TOONS >:)"
Rushy 10/10/2018 11:50
Nicusja, thank you!
Nicusja 10/10/2018 10:47
Rushy 10/10/2018 10:38
TheMemeist, WHY IS THERE A MEDAL >:(
TheMemeist 10/10/2018 08:20
:00 WOW!
CuriousClaws 10/10/2018 03:46