He just stood there.

11/24/2018 22:36
Carmine glanced at him. The boy's sunglasses sparkled as he turned Carmine's way, flashing a faint smile at him. Carmine padded forward, sticking out his paw. The boy looked at him, unmoving. "What, never seen a handshake?" Carmine asked, beckoning the boy to shake his hand. "Oh, sure I have." The boy replied, metting Carmine's paw with a firm grasp. "Carmine. The name's Carmine." The boy hesitated before he spoke: "Tavis. I'm Tavis." blegh take this art. i limited my palette but here
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EBICHUUU, tysm !!
EBICHUUU 12/02/2018 12:43
omg wow this is nice!!
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