08/27/2017 18:27
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Cringe_Folder 08/27/2017 20:55
I just realized this was in gp a while ago,

and I uh.. was worried if you thought I had put that in gp and just to say, I did not
and neesan I did not know you were in a bad mood or something

I just feel guilty for some reason
-Hydra- 08/27/2017 18:52
lonelycousin, smth better plz
lonelycousin 08/27/2017 18:52
plustic_neesan, I'll replace it
plustic_neesan 08/27/2017 18:52
can you not
-Hydra- 08/27/2017 18:51
JillAndJack, no
its too bright
lonelycousin 08/27/2017 18:50
Whoever put this in gp is uhhhh awful
JillAndJack 08/27/2017 18:50
-Hydra-, isnt it obvious??
-Hydra- 08/27/2017 18:49
plustic_neesan 08/27/2017 18:30
Cringe_Folder, i'd be more depressed if you do
Cringe_Folder 08/27/2017 18:28
i feel
to put this in GP
even though I'm trying to look for sum gud toons