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01/04/2019 06:25
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WolfThatAnimates 01/25/2019 14:49
SASUKEEEEEE. sorry. Had too e.e I don't know. But i finished all 500 episodes.
poxem 01/05/2019 03:54
Freedraw, thanks!
Freedraw 01/05/2019 00:22
i love this !
poxem 01/04/2019 20:03
ladiesman217 01/04/2019 19:58
poxem, it deserves it
poxem 01/04/2019 19:58
ladiesman217, yo thanks for the metal!
poxem 01/04/2019 19:57
ladiesman217 01/04/2019 19:54
poxem, yeah I have had no time to do anything during break but I can start up again Monday
poxem 01/04/2019 19:53
ladiesman217, oh yeah, was wondering what you were doing about that, anyways still looking forward to the broly one too! that accidental post was fucking great.
ladiesman217 01/04/2019 19:53
poxem, yeah but I got to finish the Broly animation first though