Toonator is messed up

04/28/2019 19:42
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canadian-leaf205 04/28/2019 20:17
Dodobroking11, tho thats tru im also a big mood but thats bc im a teenager
canadian-leaf205 04/28/2019 20:17
canadian-leaf205, for other ppl uwu
canadian-leaf205 04/28/2019 20:17
Dodobroking11, just sayin, it happens all the time... i get more attention when i say ill draw stuff for free
Dodobroking11 04/28/2019 20:15
canadian-leaf205 04/28/2019 20:12
yup its so sad. and then u complain about it and ppl promise to actually pay more attention then the next day they forgot their promise uwu
Dodobroking11 04/28/2019 20:10
thats the life of toonator b
TheRealAaronBurr 04/28/2019 20:01
ugh yeah it's unfair.
AirDragon23 04/28/2019 19:46

I would pour my soul into one of my works, and what gets all of the attention? A LINE!
Sketched-hope 04/28/2019 19:45
*sobs* it's truE