11/08/2019 19:50
Credit goes to the orginal creator, (go check him out he's a cool guy)


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pixelchan 11/11/2019 16:19
LittleLittle, you realize you can work on things?
just save it to draft instead of posting it.
yo uhave to do that in order to make good animations.
LittleLittle 11/11/2019 15:17
pixelchan, Okay i have not been posting for a day, does this help to find the animations you want?, i am not trying to ruin oldschool, or anything in that matter.
B1uMoonGirl 11/10/2019 19:28
I also tend to think that Facebook passers are worse off, because people who earned passer though lots of hard work get their animation buried be a less experienced animator. You would get little to no hate for your animations if you were in the sandbox. Don't get me wrong, you are great at art and everything, and it's great that you are on Toonator, but that's the truth.
FNAFgirl2018 11/10/2019 17:49
if you want to post things, do your own art. Even if its just scribble!
People don't judge
aishee119 11/10/2019 12:21
also take ur time doing it
JillAndJack 11/10/2019 12:09
LittleLittle, if you don't want to get hated on then don't steal other people's work and spam old school with it.
BendyandShaymin 11/10/2019 07:32
Austin_da_fox 11/10/2019 07:18
pixelchan, agreed 100%
pixelchan 11/09/2019 23:03
LittleLittle, it is not hate. it is just your multitude of animations are covering oldschool where animators take days to months to make a single animation. When you post dozens of animations a day, it is harder to find those animations.
It really can ruins someones day when their masterpiece is undiscovered because of 6 framed dots are all over the front page.
You are not deserving of oldschool. End of story.
I am sure you will be moved to sandbox very shortly, but if you want to EARN passer.

-Please take more time and effort on each frame.
- make the animations pleasant to look at and fluent.
- draw every frame, and add more movement.
-make your animations longer then 10 frames.

sorry if users come off as rude. thanks for understanding.
LittleLittle 11/09/2019 10:50
AnimateBeast, Thanks, ever since i made contact with Dakosso i been getting hated on