☆ Misaki ☆

07/07/2019 21:03
The stars are never gone in the darkest nights, only hidden behind a curtain of clouds ~Misaki Horo-sha (Definitely not by me, and remember I'm a boy, and I definitely did not draw this to put in GP and to keep my account a little life)
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Kotsuko 07/08/2019 09:36
DiamondButterfly 07/08/2019 08:36
Cool :D
Kotsuko 07/07/2019 23:23

And it's refreshing to see an ancient legendary animator checking Toonator ,,^^,,.
Serulii 07/07/2019 23:18
i love her! <3
Kotsuko 07/07/2019 21:57
tiger09, how loll xDD I don't recall a character that looks like her
tiger09 07/07/2019 21:53
bnha opening suddenly plays
Kotsuko 07/07/2019 21:05
yumfood, ahahah xD
yumfood 07/07/2019 21:05
me first to like