11/11/2018 22:14
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Serulii 01/29/2019 19:10
TW1ST3D, omG thank you <33
TW1ST3D 01/13/2019 16:18
i love watching you draw this because even though it looks like a simple design i love how you made so many corrections and small things to perfect it! It just shows how much you care about the things you produce no matter how simple! <3 <3
Serulii 01/13/2019 12:43
Kotsuko, adjfaSKD THANKS
Serulii 01/13/2019 12:43
ShaedeTheEevee, xDD THANKS?? tho there are many ppl better than me :P
zefuro, bOI NO THAT'S YOU
toonimator_101, oh a tiny hint (if you didn't know already), F for fullscreen when you draw!! :D
EymenSarisakal 01/13/2019 06:38

ShaedeTheEevee 01/13/2019 00:12
ur art is like, god-tier. u are athena, goddess of the arts
zefuro 01/06/2019 15:24
toonimator_101, Thats because she is the godess of art
toonimator_101 01/06/2019 05:57
If I can't draw it on paper....

God damn, how do you draw this on Toonator?!
Kotsuko 01/05/2019 14:23

Freedraw 12/19/2018 15:42
i really like this good job :D