09/05/2019 18:37
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canadian-leaf205 09/13/2019 21:28
J_M_, thatsbctheresnothirdpersontobeedd
J_M_ 09/13/2019 21:27
canadian-leaf205, there'snogreentho
canadian-leaf205 09/13/2019 21:27
J_M_, blue and red sweaters my dude
J_M_ 09/13/2019 21:25
canadian-leaf205, I didn't even realize this was an eddsworld reference-
but it works even better now
canadian-leaf205 09/13/2019 21:23
J_M_, this is a eddsworld refere- oh. now i realize
canadian-leaf205 09/13/2019 21:23
J_M_, h0w
J_M_ 09/13/2019 21:22
canadian-leaf205, I Infered this even before.
also, this jus has big gai vibs
canadian-leaf205 09/13/2019 16:18
J_M_, how could you infer so much from red and blue sweaters and I oop
J_M_ 09/12/2019 21:16
canadian-leaf205, i knew of the big gae energy before It was official.
canadian-leaf205 09/10/2019 17:12
J_M_, you knew what? -_-