04/08/2020 19:30
I spent an embarrassing amount of time working on-and-off on this, and at this point just wanted to get /something/ out, so have this, in it's not-so-satisfactory state. I guess I could come back to this some other time to “complete it” but for now this IS the complete version, so don't expect anything more please I don't have a big animation brain :^/
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Sunshineoftime 05/01/2020 03:36
really cool
PuppyLove20 04/09/2020 08:31
actiasluna, I barely even noticed!!! Its good!
poxem 04/09/2020 07:02
Unpopular 04/08/2020 20:03
man i love this
actiasluna 04/08/2020 19:38
I give up
actiasluna 04/08/2020 19:37
her mouth dissapears for one frame