drawn type color scheme haha

10/27/2020 02:44
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Epicxz 02/23/2021 18:14
i remember this

in fact i remember when i tried to remake it

https://drawn.digifi.ca/play/33b35z at this moment i dont care if that crab appel moves to drawn because she would get banned quickly
Lavi- 10/28/2020 23:19
DeSpAcitWo, thanks but you dont need to lol
Lavi- 10/28/2020 21:21
ItJustSticks, aye thanks for the medal
ItJustSticks 10/28/2020 18:35
delicious 2
DeSpAcitWo 10/27/2020 21:05
If I could medal all your toons I would
SSJ_Emani212 10/27/2020 07:40
3picxz 10/27/2020 05:00
yea i like the colour scheme on drawn