Stickman Chronicles / Eps: [1]

04/24/2019 20:24
Eh I could animate better | Comob creates a Robot Version of Unity, which gives way for The Overlord to try and steal it.
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Ansonlin360 04/25/2019 16:08
so they both evil got it
TheOneAboveAll2 04/25/2019 15:58
TheOneAboveAll2, He is a evil character, eviler than The Overlord.
TheOneAboveAll2 04/25/2019 15:58
Ansonlin360, The Overlord is black, while TOAA is Purple, it is seen that Toaa hasn't arrived yet, and is still trapped in the International Space Prision.
Ansonlin360 04/25/2019 15:56
nvm i was going to ask is TOAA a good character?
2DaruiAnimator 04/25/2019 15:56
TheOneAboveAll2 04/25/2019 15:55
Ansonlin360, what do you mean by banished?
Ansonlin360 04/25/2019 15:54
Wait did TOAA get banished?
TheOneAboveAll2 04/25/2019 15:52
2DaruiAnimator, hmmm, any animations.
2DaruiAnimator 04/25/2019 15:32
whadda' 'bout me???
Ansonlin360 04/25/2019 14:07
so you still working on finishing that collab or ill just finish it