Archaeologist vs. Animator

03/13/2017 21:40
/Refixed xd\ A one piece parody sorry for the copy paste :P
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Lucarionite 12/31/2017 14:14
um it actually depends on the archaeologist tbh

some of them are actually really good at animating but refuse to be passer.
MarcosAnimador 03/15/2017 09:10
DapperSkelington haha i know,i am only comparing the archeologists with the animators, they are 1000 times better xD
DapperSkelington 03/14/2017 23:44
we aren't evil....-
Shiverry 03/14/2017 16:47
It's like me vs. my brother :'o.
MarcosAnimador 03/14/2017 16:47
Yes i speak spanglish :D
AutumnDemonHyena 03/14/2017 16:42
;-; forever an archeologist ;-; ALSO do you speak Spanish??? Im curious becuz of the name :P
MarcosAnimador 03/14/2017 16:18
I know xD
Akrui 03/14/2017 16:17
this doesn't seem very gp worthy *-*
jellobliss12 03/14/2017 16:16