Contest! Ends April 30th!

04/12/2018 17:26
This contest requires you to listen to this song: You can either listen to this or the original one. Blending + gore allowed. 1st place winner- colored drawing OR a an animation. 2nd place- A Colored background only. 3rd place- drawing (or doodle, whatever you wanna call it UwU) Have fun :DDD
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Fallen_Snow 04/15/2018 08:35
Dodobroking11, yes u can
Dodobroking11 04/15/2018 05:33
can i use this song?
Dodobroking11 04/15/2018 01:53
never mind
outdatedmeme 04/14/2018 16:52
nyooms to join and fail**
TarynStar 04/14/2018 16:50

i'm sorry
Fallen_Snow 04/14/2018 16:02
Kitty_cipher, Yesh uwu
Kitty_cipher 04/14/2018 15:48
can we use any colors-
FluffyPanther 04/14/2018 13:56
mine not good.... here.
Dodobroking11 04/14/2018 09:31
Fallen_Snow 04/14/2018 09:18
Dodobroking11, ... meh, why not.